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Welcome…. February 15, 2008


Hi! Thanks for stopping by.
I spend a lot of time looking at amazing blog sites. They are full of inspirational people making amazing things. It makes me feel very inferior. I used to own a shop, selling my art and crafty stuff, and other people’s and doing promo work for unsigned bands. It didnt work out and i followed my dreams in other directions, but i still make stuff. In fact, i make more now than i did then. I have so much stock now (brooches, purses, dresses, cards, crazy animals) that i have made and i thought maybe it may be a nice idea to start my own blog, with patterns, photos and musings. I always mean to write a journal too. maybe this can take that role too. I go through periods of extreme contemplation, depression and hope. At the moment i feel pretty good so i reckon it may be a good time to start this new venture! I hope you will join me…..lets be friends.x

check out the archive or the categories on the right hand side to see what i have been up to so far….x



One Response to “Welcome….”

  1. Hiya! Love your blog and work-particularly the flower brooches. Do have a shop? I’m attempting to make/sell kitsch brooches. Don’t suppose you know of any UK based online shops for sellers of the kitschy variety?

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