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March 31, 2009

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Hey kittens,
I am in York having a lovely time debating masculinity from a feminist perspective. It seems like a really beautiful city. I could spend hours telling you about all the fascinating discussions we have had, but i think i need to leave that for another day. Too much to take in and the bar is calling….

I don’t really have much news so, i will share with you my latest ‘heart soar’ musical find….
Jeffrey Lewis.

That is the link to an album of his on spotify. If you do not have spotify you must download it IMMEDIATELY! It is a lovely (legal) way to listen to practically anything, as long as you are online, and you can share loveliness with everyone.

He is also an artist, and these pictures of his make me smile.



And, another picture i have loved this week:


I am getting there with my quilt…i decided to make a cot-sized one to start with, as i had a lot of children’s character fabric and also a lot of anxiety over making one! I will post a photo when it is done….but, tell me off if that happens soon as it will mean i have not been working hard enough on my dissertation!


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