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Spring has sprung!!! March 22, 2009

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Hurrah! I feel so much better with all this sunshine…..and having a garden is pretty awesome:



Since my last post i have procrastinated constantly, so i feel even more stressed! ARGH!! I bring it all upon myself though, i just need to get on with it and i will feel much better.
I do love the way that the sunshine makes everyone seem happier though…check out this graffiti i found today on Brick Lane.


So, my latest ‘not work but still important’ project is to make a quilt!! I have never done this so it feels a bit daunting (any advice is appreciated!). I have ordered a book from amazon called ‘scrap quilt sensation!, and a whole heap of material offcuts from ebay but i am not sure what kind of quilt to try! Last night i was scrolling through some blogs and came across this one from Anna Maria Horner. I love her folk dance quilt! But i think it may be toooo hard for me! I would love to see photos of any quilts that other people have made. Maybe i should do a baby sized one to start with? xox


2 Responses to “Spring has sprung!!!”

  1. imagingermonkey Says:

    yep – baby steps is the way to go, although a lap quilt is a good start, something big enough to keep you warm when you’re watching telly. A scrappy log cabin is a nice easy block, it looks really good too, and you can make plenty of mistakes without it looking obvious. Email me if you need any help – I’m happy to help out!

    (the folk dance one is zig zags, I think – haven’t followed the link so I’m going by memory. It’s a simple enough block, but it might be a bit of a headache for your first try)

  2. infamousqbert Says:

    ooh, i found this one that looks super easy. minimal actual quilting.

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