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Procrastinating March 15, 2009

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Ok guys…i admit it, i need help.
I have to finish my MA dissertation (which i have already deferred 3 times) by May. This means that right this second i should be working. However, what i am actually doing is:
*Checking my facebook
*Refreshing my email…just in case
*Checking my phone for messages….just in case
*Rearranging my books
*Refolding fabric and organising by colour
*Rechecking facebook

All this while listening to BBC6 music, which has a phone in about how we all constantly check our emails and check our phones for texts, even though we know that NO-ONE HAS CONTACTED US!!!! My phone has been right there next to me, but JUST IN CASE, i keep looking!
I know this is classic work avoidance! So, i was wondering, what do you do to avoid work, or other things you dont want to do? And, do you have any advice for me? I really need to get this work done! ARGH!!!

Last night, in more work avoidance news, i made this bambi deer.



She is a bit wonky but i love the fabric! I am off to the vintage rock and roll jumble sale later today, so i hope to come home with lots more loveliness!
In the meantime i will leave you with this picture, taken in Nottingham the other week:



One Response to “Procrastinating”

  1. isaidjumpforjoy Says:

    Super cute bambi deer!
    And no, I don’t have any advice for you. Huge procrastinater myself 😦

    [I came upon your blog by pressing the random-blog-button, in case you wondered]

    Good luck with your working 🙂

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