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A cynical valentine…. February 13, 2009

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Happy Valentines eve!
In case you are loved up, check out these adorable vintage postcards!
They are all free to download!
I collect old postcards and i am lucky enough to have inherited my nan’s beautiful collection. Also, now i live in Dulwich i have discovered the most awesome vintage shop which sells these beauties!
This is my favourite:


This year, the only valentine’s i think i will get are from my parents…!

I had decided to share the quote below with you already, and then i saw Bella Dia’s site and her ‘thoughtful friday’ idea! Weird….must be Friday 13th in action!

Quote of the day:

“If it were between countries, we’d call it a war,
If it were a disease, we’d call it an epidemic,
If it were an oil spill, we’d call it a disaster,
But it is happening to women and it is just an everyday affair.”

Michael Kaufman
Co-founder, White Ribbon Campaign, Canada

On valentines, lets all remember those around the world who have experienced abuse in their relationships. If you are lucky enough to be with someone lovely, hold them a bit tighter tomorrow and tell them how you feel. You are blessed.



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