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New Home! February 4, 2009

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So, the reason i have not been posting recently is because i have been moving!!!
The old flat i used to live in was really too small and the landlords were too dodgy. Not to mention the fact that it was haunted…oh yes, my kind neighbour told me ONE YEAR after i had been living there that there was a ghost…which explained the strange face i kept seeing in the window and the overwhelming sense of sadness and regret that i felt whenever i walked in (i thought that was just me….). Also, as some of you may know, last year was not the best year for me, so i started this year with a new attitude which seems to be working! Basically i am not letting little things get me down and i am trying to think postive thoughts, it really makes a difference. I feel really blessed right now.
The shocking thing about moving was that i went from North to South London, which i never thought i would do! But, i love it! Heaps of parks, trees, cool bars and unique vintage shops….awesome. Also, much nearer to work and more importantly friends. And, i have a garden! All of my own. This is it on monday…..


And here is a certain Miss Martha looking out while i play in the snow, i did put her on her lead to take her out, but that didn’t go down well…


Now i have more space, i am feeling alot more inspired and creative, i also have more creative people in my life this year, so it is a good place to be. xx