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Seahorses December 22, 2008

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I never know what to buy my mum for Chirstmas….this year she wanted a dolls house in the shape of a beach hut! And to my relief such a thing does exist, so she has that and lots of bits to go with it. But i wanted to make her something as well, and she loves seahorses (can you tell she lives by the seaside??!) so i made her this seahorse. It was simple to draw the shape, i just needed to make sure the tail was wide enough to avoid any ‘argh…i have just sewn this only to not be able to turn it inside out as it is too thin‘ senarios!!

Annoyingly the shiny fabric in the top is more see-through than i realised, so you can see the hem from the darker backing fabric, but i am telling myself that it adds to the charm!!



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