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Sleighbells ring…. December 6, 2008

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Hey twinkles….
I had a lovely visit from my mum today and we went to the winter wonderland in Hyde Park. There were so many beautiful stalls there. I especially loved the amazing hand carved wooden decorations. So, feeling festive i skipped home to make some decorations of my own, using the wonderful templates from cheeky magpie!


hmmm…it is supposed to be a reindeer and sleigh but you can’t really see the detail in this picture. Doesn’t the wine glass look realistic? Took me ages….! However, none of this is getting my dissertation done. If anyone has any ideas for how to get motivated i would be very grateful….I seem to be having real trouble recently and i have SO MUCH TO DO!!! Argh.

Tunes that are pleasing my ears this week are:
*Blitzen trapper
*Laura Marling



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