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Toilet door graffiti… November 11, 2008

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You gota love toilet door graffiti, and for those of you who know where Old Street is in London, you will know there is plenty of it! Unfortunately this little door was full of sadness!

I think i am going to make some happy stickers to let them know it will all be ok…..this reminds me of a fantastic website i found last night. Urban knitting!!! Let us cover the world in crafts and love.


Anyway, i must do some work, i have the busiest of busy days tomorrow and am not sure if i am prepared! If anyone has some tips on organising work/study please let me know. Writing a thesis and working full time = panic.
Still, i am listening to the new Cure album so that makes everything ok.
G’night sugar puffs.


i’m back…. November 10, 2008

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Hi lovelies…

I am so sorry for being away for so long….not sure how to explain what has been happening…here are some words to summarise it:

endings…beginnings…lonliness….hopefulness…birthdays….dreams….work….words….study….denial…travel….dodgy hotels….trains…waits….missing….crying…sleeping….waking….more work….reading….absorbing…elections (yay!!!)….believing.

Anyway, I hope you have all been ok, i have missed you!

So, lets get back on track. Last night i saw some beautiful fireworks and discovered a firework setting on my camera (yes, no more dodgy phone pictures!)



And i want to share with you a beautiful website:
post secret

This is where people send in postcards with a real secret on, they are updated every sunday. I use some of them when i am training people at work…
Here are some from today:



I think it is amazing that people share such deep and personal secrets…..
Check it out.

I have had no time to do any crafting recently, but i hope that will change soon….in the meantime i am stacking up fabric and other cute bits and pieces for when i have time to make something. I am feeling festive too, so maybe some Christmas inspired stuff is in order.
Ok, it is bedtime for me…sweet dreams.