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Blondes have more fun August 26, 2008

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hey guys….hope you all had good weekends. I have achieved things this weekend!
They are:
*joining the gym
*bleaching my hair again after a long battle of natural/bleach….the dolly parton in me won out….so here i go again!

And i went to an awesome night at the Queens head to see noah and the whale DJ, with the lovely Davina. I was wearing a fascinator and have never had so many people asked to touch my head!! They had the most amazing wall paper in the bar, and i discovered a new function on my phone to adjust the filters on my camera…so here is the paper, with some cool lights hanging down:

And in red

And yesterday was definately a day for dusting off some classic vinyl, martha was spinning the decks…

Ok,back to work, have a great week.
ps – i am VERY excited to be taking part in the travelling journal project, i will let you know when it arrives in my little home.


3 Responses to “Blondes have more fun”

  1. Katy Says:

    oooh, aren’t you a pretty little thing?!
    Very jealous about you going to see Noah and the Whale, so I’m not talking to you anymore.

  2. Vonnie Says:

    You’re very beautiful in a cute way 🙂

    I love the Noah and the Whale song that’s been on the radio a lot recently, is the rest of their stuff in a similar vein?

    Get some pics of your fascinator up!

  3. hensteethart Says:

    Yoo hoo ~ I’m the one before you on the travelling journal. We are ages away yet, but I’ll let you know when I receive it so you can get youself prepared for it’s arrival. Great hair, wallpaper and clever cat!

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