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Backwoods Barbie August 5, 2008

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This is the title of the new Dolly album!! yay!!! And the doll i made last night reminds me of her. Rubbish pictures again as i have to use my phone until i get a new camera but here she is:


not sure about the head…think i need to work out how to do proper hair instead of using felt, and the neck is a bit thin…..but how cool is the cupcake fabric??!! Another great ebay find!


and…..oh no…..!!! Kitten attacks.



I have been feeling a bit down recently and when i got to work today, look what i found!! My boss thought i needed some sunshine in my life, so i want to share them with you.


I have a lovely boss and am really lucky to work for such a great and inspirational project

And while we are on the subject of flowers, here is one of my favourite quotes from ‘The Little Prince’.

‘If someone loves a flower of which just one example exists among all the millions and millions of stars, that’s enough to make him happy when he looks at the stars. He tells himself, ‘My flower’s up there somewhere…’

And, i have one other thing that i want to share with you but i am not sure how well the photo will turn out. I went to Brighton at the weekend, and took a great photo….not of the beach, or the lanes, or the amazing shops, or any of the other lovely things that i saw…..but some graffiti from a toilet door!!!


In amongst all the usual ‘i woz ere’ and ‘i hate boys’ rubbish was this little gem….
it made me smile all day, even when we got to the station to find about 1000 people queuing for the train (and that is not an exaggeration!!)


2 Responses to “Backwoods Barbie”

  1. Sarah Wall Says:

    You must learn not to let your kitten attack the dolls!!! I actually like the felt hair too!

    Lovely flowers – what a lovely boss you have!

  2. Candeez Says:

    I want some flowers like that!

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