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the google game July 16, 2008

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Simple mindless fun!!
Type your name into google followed by the word ‘likes’ and then write a list of the top 10 things that come up. This is what i found for my name…..

1. jo likes to bang (??!)
2. jo likes the to find the pot of gold in everything she does
3. jo likes to hug (well that one is true!)
4. jo likes her men dumb (ha!!!)
5. jo likes to pick up salesmen at the airport
6. jo likes to say, ‘What’s life without a little excitement?
7. jo likes shopping!
8. jo likes to be a couch potato
9. jo likes to build towers
10. jo likes serve pancakes

There, that wasted 5mins at work! Your turn!!


sorry! July 14, 2008

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sorry for the lack of posts! I have not laptop at home at the moment and so can’t get on here to write much.
I was very excited about the post today though! my very own little lables to sew onto my handicrafts!! I will take a picture the next time my, my camera, a computer and something worth taking a photo of are in the same room!!!
Meanwhile i am finishing off my russian doll swap! I am so nervous about posting it off!!!


Fabric, structures and substance July 4, 2008

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1. any cloth made from yarn or fibres by weaving or knitting
2. the structure that holds a system together: the fabric of society

1. the substance of which a thing is made
2. cloth
3. ideas or notes that a finished work may be based on

I love material!!!

And i like the definitions above about fabric/material being a structure that holds things together, or the substance of something. I know that refers to other meanings of the words but i think it those meanings are also so relevant to crafts. When you make something you put your heart and soul into it, and for me, making stuff has become a hobby that holds me together when other things are getting me down.

Anyway, i feel quite fragile today so before i get carried away, i want to tell you that I have found the most amazing seller on ebay. She sells 5 and 10 packs of fabric, they come wrapped up in little packets with 3 different fabrics, all colour coordinated, with matching ribbons and buttons and all for £2-£5. Bargain!!!