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to gocco or not to gocco…. July 23, 2008

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I REALLY want a gocco machine… i was wondering does anyone have one and are they worth getting?
They have stopped producing them now, so they are quite hard to get hold of, i have found a supplier in the US but it will be about £150 so i need to know if they are really as cool as they look. For those of you who dont know what i am on about, click here….

Ooooh, hang on a minute – check that out, i just embedded a link!!! for the FIRST TIME EVER!! woooo!

ok….back to the gocco…..
It’s basically a really cool little screen printer.
Annnnnd, more advice please! I also want to get an embroidery sewing machine that will do my own designs as well as words etc. Can anyone recommend a cheapish one? I have my eye on some on ebay…..
I have crafty plans afoot! My mum mentioned the other day that she would love to give up work soon and run a craft business from home, she takes the most amazing photos. I used to own a craft shop a few years ago, but gave it up to move to london and follow different dreams, but now i think it would be great to try and help her start up something.
anyway, i would really appreciate your thoughts!!!
take care