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the google game July 16, 2008

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Simple mindless fun!!
Type your name into google followed by the word ‘likes’ and then write a list of the top 10 things that come up. This is what i found for my name…..

1. jo likes to bang (??!)
2. jo likes the to find the pot of gold in everything she does
3. jo likes to hug (well that one is true!)
4. jo likes her men dumb (ha!!!)
5. jo likes to pick up salesmen at the airport
6. jo likes to say, ‘What’s life without a little excitement?
7. jo likes shopping!
8. jo likes to be a couch potato
9. jo likes to build towers
10. jo likes serve pancakes

There, that wasted 5mins at work! Your turn!!


2 Responses to “the google game”

  1. kath Says:

    Just to say THANK YOU for the gorgeous Russian doll swap – you have been an ace swap partner – and if you pop over to my blog, there is a little something extra there for you as well!


  2. Sarah Wall Says:

    These were mine:

    Sarah likes to smell Colleens armpits (yuk!!!)
    Sarah likes Tag
    Sarah likes mixtapes
    Sarah likes to walk in the woods
    Sarah likes your journal
    Sarah likes you (thats true :))
    Sarah likes the water taxi photo (i looked at it – nothing special)
    Sarah likes to drink (hmmmm)
    Sarah likes backpacking in Europe (definitely not!!)
    Sarah likes Facebook (i swear that was on there – brilliant!!!)


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