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pretty pinny July 30, 2008

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I made an apron last night…..all part of a new fashion plan that davina and i came up with at Spitalfields market!! This is just a template to get my head around it, it obviously needs ironing and finishing off with some embellishments, and the photos are on my phone so not great but here we are!




Free stuff! July 29, 2008

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WOW!! I just got some FREE (yep, FREE) post it notes made up….LOOK!!!


I also got a notepad made (for my domestic violence training freelance business) and a some post it notes for my mum. They have templates but if you want to pay a couple of pounds i think you can upload your own designs. All FREE from Vista print
Go to the website and find the link for free stuff, they have all sorts!
Go have a look!!!


The Girl Effect July 28, 2008

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Powerful stuff. Check out the short film clips and maybe post a link if you have a blog…..x


Flower power

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I love flowers! I spoke at a conference at Basildon Women’s Aid on Friday and i got the most amazing flowers… they are being guarded by Martha:


And here they are close up:


And the best thing is, i went to Spitalfields yesterday with my lovely friend Davina, and got some amazing flower gel, it looks like little tiny seed beads, then you leave it in water and….it turns into this:


I cant stop touching it!!!


to gocco or not to gocco…. July 23, 2008

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I REALLY want a gocco machine… i was wondering does anyone have one and are they worth getting?
They have stopped producing them now, so they are quite hard to get hold of, i have found a supplier in the US but it will be about £150 so i need to know if they are really as cool as they look. For those of you who dont know what i am on about, click here….

Ooooh, hang on a minute – check that out, i just embedded a link!!! for the FIRST TIME EVER!! woooo!

ok….back to the gocco…..
It’s basically a really cool little screen printer.
Annnnnd, more advice please! I also want to get an embroidery sewing machine that will do my own designs as well as words etc. Can anyone recommend a cheapish one? I have my eye on some on ebay…..
I have crafty plans afoot! My mum mentioned the other day that she would love to give up work soon and run a craft business from home, she takes the most amazing photos. I used to own a craft shop a few years ago, but gave it up to move to london and follow different dreams, but now i think it would be great to try and help her start up something.
anyway, i would really appreciate your thoughts!!!
take care


July 18, 2008

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Finally found a lead to connect my phone to my computer, so i am going to try to upload some photos of my swap, not sure how they will turn out….here goes……..



Hmmm….a bit fuzzy but they will have to do as my camera is broken. Who ever heard of a camera that has no charger!! It only take batteries and after taking about 2 pictures they run out!! I will try and take a better picture of the gorgeous cushion that Kath made me, but see below for now to get an idea. And, i promise i am looking for blogs to forward my award too….whilst trying to do some work. It is even harder as a big parcel of new fabric from ebay just arrived…..I am off to hide under my desk to open it…..xx



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I got an award!!!! i cant believe it and i am not sure i deserve it but i am soooo happy!!!
Thank you so much to Kath over at juicy fig for nominating me and being such a fab swap partner!
So, i have to mention the rules to this award, apparantly they are:
1 . I can put this rather sparkly Logo on my Blog.


2. Put a link/or mention the lovely person who gave you the award.
See the link to juicy fig on the links section (sorry, not got the hang of embedding links yet!)
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put a link to those Blogs on your Blog
5. Leave a message on their blog of your nomination

I am at work at the mo!! So i will nominate some blogs later on…..
But i just have time to show you my amazing russian doll swap that came in the post this week. I have had to borrow Kath’s photos as my camera has broken.
This is the beautiful cushion i received!!


And i also got a lovely card, some purple buttons and beads and a brilliant kit to make a patchwork card. In return i made her this:


It is my attempt at a russian doll with 2 little dolls in her pocket, and a bracelet made from russian doll fabric in a cool box i got at ‘Tiger’. Really glad she likes it. I love this swapping business!!
Have lovely friday’s!!


the google game July 16, 2008

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Simple mindless fun!!
Type your name into google followed by the word ‘likes’ and then write a list of the top 10 things that come up. This is what i found for my name…..

1. jo likes to bang (??!)
2. jo likes the to find the pot of gold in everything she does
3. jo likes to hug (well that one is true!)
4. jo likes her men dumb (ha!!!)
5. jo likes to pick up salesmen at the airport
6. jo likes to say, ‘What’s life without a little excitement?
7. jo likes shopping!
8. jo likes to be a couch potato
9. jo likes to build towers
10. jo likes serve pancakes

There, that wasted 5mins at work! Your turn!!


sorry! July 14, 2008

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sorry for the lack of posts! I have not laptop at home at the moment and so can’t get on here to write much.
I was very excited about the post today though! my very own little lables to sew onto my handicrafts!! I will take a picture the next time my, my camera, a computer and something worth taking a photo of are in the same room!!!
Meanwhile i am finishing off my russian doll swap! I am so nervous about posting it off!!!


Fabric, structures and substance July 4, 2008

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1. any cloth made from yarn or fibres by weaving or knitting
2. the structure that holds a system together: the fabric of society

1. the substance of which a thing is made
2. cloth
3. ideas or notes that a finished work may be based on

I love material!!!

And i like the definitions above about fabric/material being a structure that holds things together, or the substance of something. I know that refers to other meanings of the words but i think it those meanings are also so relevant to crafts. When you make something you put your heart and soul into it, and for me, making stuff has become a hobby that holds me together when other things are getting me down.

Anyway, i feel quite fragile today so before i get carried away, i want to tell you that I have found the most amazing seller on ebay. She sells 5 and 10 packs of fabric, they come wrapped up in little packets with 3 different fabrics, all colour coordinated, with matching ribbons and buttons and all for £2-£5. Bargain!!!