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cloning, pointy cats and Russian dolls June 20, 2008

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Sorry it has been a while, things are HECTIC at work and i have been travelling all over the place delivering training. And, my card got cloned and someone has been using it on holiday in Argentina! Which makes it even worse! They went on holiday with my money when i can’t afford to go on one myself!!!

But i did have time to make this little cutie….


Taken from the free pattern at

And i am getting pretty excited about the Russian doll swap! I found this brilliant little case for £1!! I am going to go back to get more!


Now i just have to come up with some ideas for my swap!

Check this out, we all did it at work and like good feminists we all scored very badly…..


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!

Ha!! I am quite proud of this score!!!


One Response to “cloning, pointy cats and Russian dolls”

  1. kath Says:

    Oh wow! I love the pointy kitty – I printed the pattern off for it a while ago, and haven’t got round to making yet.

    Poor you with the card thing – what a nightmare! I hope your bank will sort you out, plus some compo!

    The russian doll case is really cool, what a bargain – a healthy obsession is good for the soul I say!!


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