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new toys June 13, 2008

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I know so many pregnant girls at the moment! So, i have been making some baby ‘grab balls’, they are supposed to help coordination. I chose lots of colourful kids fabric to make them eye catching. It’s making me feel really broody!!



And this is beatrice….gracefully relaxing against a new cushion. Which is falling apart already so i need to improve my stitching…..



3 Responses to “new toys”

  1. Sarah Wall Says:

    Hey Jo!

    I love Beatrice!!! That’s the sort of doll i really loved!

    See you soon!


  2. kath Says:

    I love the grab balls – I have instructions for one in a book, and have been dying to have a go, but just can’t get my head around the construction of them!
    I will persevere and give them a go now I have seen yours!


  3. Sarah Wall Says:

    Is it wrong that i would quite like a Beatrice!

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