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kittens and swaps and things June 9, 2008

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Hi everyone,
sorry i have not written for a while…..this is one reason why i haven’t been able to….
Kitten on laptop


Freecycle and swaps!
This week i have a new found love for freecycle…..i went on there to ask for some fabric scraps, and was inundated with offers! One girl lived round the corner and gave me a huge bag of amazing material, so thanks rebecca!!

I am also excited to be part of the russian doll swap, and my swap partner has a great blog so i am looking forward to it! I have lots of ideas but am a bit nervous about it as it is my first one!

I found an old photo today of some pocket tissue holders i made….they are so simple to do.


I know i need to make this blog more exciting but am not sure how! Or how to get it out there, i read other people’s blogs and they get tagged and all seem to know each other, but i am not sure how to join in? Any ideas???

Anyway, must go, i have 2,500 word magazine article to write on teenagers and domestic violence and it has to be done by 5……must stop looking at blogs……
hope you all have great weeks,


One Response to “kittens and swaps and things”

  1. kath Says:


    How is the rissian doll coming along? I haven’t started mine yet, but plans are formulating!!!

    Love the kitten – did it come free with the lap top? hehehe


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