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random acts of kindness June 2, 2008

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I don’t know if you read the book ‘join me’ but Danny Wallace (who i saw walking round islington last week!) formed a group where everyone had to do random acts of kindness for other people every friday!
I have joined this great site called help others ( and ordered some smile cards! They came recently and they are great! The idea is, you leave a card behind on the tube, or inside a library book….anywhere people will find them. The cards say: Smile, you have just been tagged! Someone reached out to you with an anonymous act of kindness. Now it’s your chance to do the same. Do something nice for someone, leave this card behind and keep the spirit going’.
So, i am armed with some cards and ready to leave them all over London.

But, it doesn’t feel like enough.
There are also some other ideas on the website, and some ideas for crafty things to do….like knitting hats for homeless people, making jewellery and toys for women and children living in refuges etc. I have been looking for charities who would like homemade things but there are not many in the UK. But if anyone wants to make stuff for women and children in domestic violence refuges i can deliver it. Let me know, and join me in doing random acts of kindness!