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racing….well, walking for life!! June 29, 2008

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Me and mum did it! We completed the race for life today! Ok, so it was only 3miles but still! We raised £250 and feel very proud! and we got a medal and a goody bag too!! My feet hurt due to my inappropriate shoes but i feel great. I am definately joining the gym this week!



June 26, 2008

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Well, i have had a really hard day. Feeling pretty down but have at least managed to get the camera battery to last long enough to take these:


And, a new little doll, made for someone special who admired Beatrice!


I have given her a smile since this photo was taken! Now i just need to sew myself one!


cloning, pointy cats and Russian dolls June 20, 2008

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Sorry it has been a while, things are HECTIC at work and i have been travelling all over the place delivering training. And, my card got cloned and someone has been using it on holiday in Argentina! Which makes it even worse! They went on holiday with my money when i can’t afford to go on one myself!!!

But i did have time to make this little cutie….


Taken from the free pattern at

And i am getting pretty excited about the Russian doll swap! I found this brilliant little case for £1!! I am going to go back to get more!


Now i just have to come up with some ideas for my swap!

Check this out, we all did it at work and like good feminists we all scored very badly…..


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!

Ha!! I am quite proud of this score!!!


new toys June 13, 2008

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I know so many pregnant girls at the moment! So, i have been making some baby ‘grab balls’, they are supposed to help coordination. I chose lots of colourful kids fabric to make them eye catching. It’s making me feel really broody!!



And this is beatrice….gracefully relaxing against a new cushion. Which is falling apart already so i need to improve my stitching…..



kittens and swaps and things June 9, 2008

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Hi everyone,
sorry i have not written for a while…..this is one reason why i haven’t been able to….
Kitten on laptop


Freecycle and swaps!
This week i have a new found love for freecycle…..i went on there to ask for some fabric scraps, and was inundated with offers! One girl lived round the corner and gave me a huge bag of amazing material, so thanks rebecca!!

I am also excited to be part of the russian doll swap, and my swap partner has a great blog so i am looking forward to it! I have lots of ideas but am a bit nervous about it as it is my first one!

I found an old photo today of some pocket tissue holders i made….they are so simple to do.


I know i need to make this blog more exciting but am not sure how! Or how to get it out there, i read other people’s blogs and they get tagged and all seem to know each other, but i am not sure how to join in? Any ideas???

Anyway, must go, i have 2,500 word magazine article to write on teenagers and domestic violence and it has to be done by 5……must stop looking at blogs……
hope you all have great weeks,


random acts of kindness June 2, 2008

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I don’t know if you read the book ‘join me’ but Danny Wallace (who i saw walking round islington last week!) formed a group where everyone had to do random acts of kindness for other people every friday!
I have joined this great site called help others ( and ordered some smile cards! They came recently and they are great! The idea is, you leave a card behind on the tube, or inside a library book….anywhere people will find them. The cards say: Smile, you have just been tagged! Someone reached out to you with an anonymous act of kindness. Now it’s your chance to do the same. Do something nice for someone, leave this card behind and keep the spirit going’.
So, i am armed with some cards and ready to leave them all over London.

But, it doesn’t feel like enough.
There are also some other ideas on the website, and some ideas for crafty things to do….like knitting hats for homeless people, making jewellery and toys for women and children living in refuges etc. I have been looking for charities who would like homemade things but there are not many in the UK. But if anyone wants to make stuff for women and children in domestic violence refuges i can deliver it. Let me know, and join me in doing random acts of kindness!