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domestic violence May 12, 2008

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i know this is not the nicest topic for a blog, but it is important. I have worked in and around the domestic violence sector for 10 years. If you are or someone you know is affected by domestic violence, you can call the free national helpline on: 0808 2000 247.

The following page from the BBC’s Hitting Home site may also be useful:

You can also check out the Greater London Domestic Violence Project (where i work) at

and please contact me if you need any advice or support,

take care




Crafty blogs website!

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Check out this great site for lots of cool craft blogs in the UK…and visit my blog so i can get ranked!!


Crafty Blogs


illustrate my life May 11, 2008

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This is a picture that simon drew of me and martha today…..i wish i did have a skirt like that! The socks are pretty cool too. He is pretty talented huh?




installation inspiration

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Sunday May 11th 2008
Today we went to Freightliners city farm, as well as some very large rabbits (who were wandering around freely and laughing at a cat who had got stuck in their hutch) there was a great art installation. This stencil above a chicken house really got me!!

And this was one of the installations……what does it mean to you? I think it is beautiful.



Dolls and super-hero cats

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Hmmmm…this little feline fella is a super-hero version of Martha. And the other one is a doll i made based on the cool dolls that “i’m a ginger monkey” makes (see links to her blog).



kitten interference

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i have a 3month old kitten called martha. she rocks. she also makes it hard to do anything. this is her caught in the act…

matha craft

this is her being cute (on a cushion i knitted very badly) and making it impossible to be mad with her!




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This is a cool way to use up lots of scraps of fabric, it takes a while but it’s worth it!


Basically, you just have to cut looooooong lengths of fabric of about 1-2 inches wide (you can stitch random bits together if you don’t have long enough pieces), the simply tack along the middle of the strip and pull the thread so the material scrunches up. Then just sew that onto the cushion. I will try and do a proper tutorial soon.