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hi everyone May 31, 2008

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Thank you for your comments about my last post, i keep thinking about it and still dont know what i should have done for the best but writing about it here helped.

I spent yesterday in York (beautiful) at a conference on Violence against Women. It was great and helped me find the motivation i needed to keep doing my dissertation. The feminist movement from the ’70s onwards has been so inspirational. I hope our generation can make as much of an impact. Even though things seem uncertain with the new changes in London, sisterhood will prevail!


What are you all doing today? I am home alone and, i hate to say it, feeling a bit bored, restless and lonely. London is such an anonymous city. I dont know what to do with myself! I got the time out guide to shopping in london, and there is a good section on craft shops (and record shops!) so i think i may go and do some investigating…

Have lovely days….



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