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excited and yet….. May 21, 2008

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oooh, i am up to number 536 on the craftyblogs uk website!! I feel quite moved!! And, i also feel like a fraud as i haven’t really done anything on here yet. I wonder who is reading this!!
I really want to spend more time uploading photos but i have quite a slow connection and it takes a while. I also want to think of important and inspirational stuff to say but sometimes it takes all my effort just to sign on to the site. I have not really discussed my depression on here. I intended to at the start of this adventure, but actually, maybe this is not the place? Also, i am trying so hard to deal with it, i am not sure that i want to start discussing it. But, maybe my lack of talking about it has been the issue all along. I am sure my friends would agree with that!
It is a battle and has changed my life but it is who i am and hopefully there light at the end of this funny little tunnel!
The sunshine is making me smile today anyway.
Other things that make me smile are:
* waking up to find martha the kitten asleep on the pillow next to me
* rain
* marzipan
* songs that lift your heart and take you back (or forwards)
* letters (from friends, not the bank who seem to like writing to me)
* jumbles
* old people holding hands
* my mum’s funny stories
* afternoon naps

What makes you smile?