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What is a feminist? May 19, 2008

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I got sent this at work today……


It made me laugh but also, it is interesting to think about what exactly a feminist is…..It is all too easy to label yourself a feminist and forget what it really means. Being a feminist is more than just a vague idea about equality. It is about political activism and liberation. I work for a feminist organisation so it is all to easy for me to sit back and think that i am doing enough. But, i have never felt so empowered as i did on the ‘reclaim the night’ march last year. Marching with 1500 other women to protest about violence against women was amazing. The best thing was, our groups cheers were bieng led by my friend’s 9 year old son!
I am going to have a think about this some more, but let me know your views. x


2 Responses to “What is a feminist?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh wow. Thats horribly painful. Funny, yet painful.

  2. rageomatic Says:

    What it means to be a feminist (in theory) is believing in the advancement of women. Whether that advance comes from exploitation of “others” not in the group or partnership with them depends on individual, in any group, including feminists.

    In practice, “feminism” carries a cultural load that has nothing to do with what it should mean. “marriage” is in the same category.

    My only question is, why does saying I am pro-feminist seem to imply that I am

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