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Craft swap and alternative fair May 31, 2008

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Hey guys,

i was wondering if anyone out there would like to take part in a craft swap?

The deal is:

I send you something handmade and you send something back!?!

What do you think?

I have got so much laying around right now (i am saving up stock for a stall at spitalfields market) and i think some of it needs a good home.

Let me know if you are interested, i look forward to hearing from you!


Also, i am organising an alternative craft fair soon in London, so i will be looking for people who want stalls (it will be to raise money for a domestic violence charity, stalls will cost £10).




hi everyone

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Thank you for your comments about my last post, i keep thinking about it and still dont know what i should have done for the best but writing about it here helped.

I spent yesterday in York (beautiful) at a conference on Violence against Women. It was great and helped me find the motivation i needed to keep doing my dissertation. The feminist movement from the ’70s onwards has been so inspirational. I hope our generation can make as much of an impact. Even though things seem uncertain with the new changes in London, sisterhood will prevail!


What are you all doing today? I am home alone and, i hate to say it, feeling a bit bored, restless and lonely. London is such an anonymous city. I dont know what to do with myself! I got the time out guide to shopping in london, and there is a good section on craft shops (and record shops!) so i think i may go and do some investigating…

Have lovely days….



Kokeshi dolls May 29, 2008

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Here is the photo i promised of the baby kokeshi dolls i made. They are not great as i didn’t have the right paper for the dresses, but i am going to practice. The heads are made from fimo and i painted the hair etc… I got the tutorial over at ‘my little mochi’….I made holes in them so i can thread them as charms.



morals, manners and fear (and broken cameras)

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hey lovelies,
i haven’t forgotten you! I have been busy making bits and pieces (have made some cute little Japanese style dolls) but my camera has broken so no photos. This is the 3rd camera to break in 2 years. I seem to repell electrical equipment.
Anyway….i thought i would share with you something that happened to me this morning. It angered me so much i wrote to the ‘london paper’ about it!! I hope i am not turning into one of those old women who complain about stuff….
Anyway, this is the article i sent into their readers column thing….

I have just got off the tube, which is always a relief but was especially welcome this morning.
After a few stops I finally got a seat and sat down with my paper. The guy next to me was chatting to the woman on the other side of him, but not in a friendly way. He kept asking her if she was ok, to which she kept saying ‘yes’ politely. But he wouldn’t let it go…..he was obviously not satisfied with her not wanting to talk and started yelling at her, calling her all sorts of really offensive things. He told her she shouldn’t have sat next to him if she didn’t want to talk to him.
All the time, I was thinking….here we go, I’m gona be next. Then I saw his face peering over my paper and I knew it was time to leave. She agreed and we both got off early. She seemed ok and was being comforted by another passenger who decided he must have been ‘drunk or ill’. But as I walked off, it occurred to me that on a carriage packed full of people, no-one bothered to say anything or to intervene. I know it is supposed to be the English way to ignore each other on public transport but don’t we have an obligation to look out for each other?
I feel terrible that I didn’t stand up for this woman, but all the time recently we hear about people doing just that and getting killed for it.
I was scared, I admit it. And now I feel awful. To make it worse, I work in a job where it is my duty to try to protect women and children from men’s violence towards them. Every day I advocate for them and yet I froze on the tube.
Is it the English way? Are we all so scared of the repercussions of intervening? Are we so de-sensitised to this kind of behaviour that we don’t even notice it anymore?
So, if you are reading this on the tube, just look around you and check everyone is ok. Hey, go crazy and maybe even smile at someone (in a normal way though, don’t freak them out….)
And to the woman who no-one helped this morning; I am truly sorry.


forest May 22, 2008

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I have been making a little forest, this is what i have so far, trees and mushrooms! The mushroom tutorial can be found here Lucy Kate Crafts



excited and yet….. May 21, 2008

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oooh, i am up to number 536 on the craftyblogs uk website!! I feel quite moved!! And, i also feel like a fraud as i haven’t really done anything on here yet. I wonder who is reading this!!
I really want to spend more time uploading photos but i have quite a slow connection and it takes a while. I also want to think of important and inspirational stuff to say but sometimes it takes all my effort just to sign on to the site. I have not really discussed my depression on here. I intended to at the start of this adventure, but actually, maybe this is not the place? Also, i am trying so hard to deal with it, i am not sure that i want to start discussing it. But, maybe my lack of talking about it has been the issue all along. I am sure my friends would agree with that!
It is a battle and has changed my life but it is who i am and hopefully there light at the end of this funny little tunnel!
The sunshine is making me smile today anyway.
Other things that make me smile are:
* waking up to find martha the kitten asleep on the pillow next to me
* rain
* marzipan
* songs that lift your heart and take you back (or forwards)
* letters (from friends, not the bank who seem to like writing to me)
* jumbles
* old people holding hands
* my mum’s funny stories
* afternoon naps

What makes you smile?


What is a feminist? May 19, 2008

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I got sent this at work today……


It made me laugh but also, it is interesting to think about what exactly a feminist is…..It is all too easy to label yourself a feminist and forget what it really means. Being a feminist is more than just a vague idea about equality. It is about political activism and liberation. I work for a feminist organisation so it is all to easy for me to sit back and think that i am doing enough. But, i have never felt so empowered as i did on the ‘reclaim the night’ march last year. Marching with 1500 other women to protest about violence against women was amazing. The best thing was, our groups cheers were bieng led by my friend’s 9 year old son!
I am going to have a think about this some more, but let me know your views. x